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2023 KCA Spring Convention

Total Credits: 12 including 12 Category 1 Education

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Topic Areas:
Compliance |  Diagnosis |  Documentation |  Nutrition |  Orthopedics |  Rehab
Live Category I Continuing Education
Dr. Sherry McAllister |  Kristi Hudson |  Dr. Anish Bajaj, DC
28 Hours
Not Applicable
DoubleTree Hotel Kansas City - Overland Park - Overland Park, Kansas

Please Note: Programs with a ☾ insignia begin after 5pm or air on the weekend.

Please Note: Programs with a ☾ insignia begin after 5pm or air on the weekend.


DoubleTree Hotel - KCA room block at $149/night. Reserve your room today at: DoubleTree Overland Park


Saturday, March 4, 2023

8:00 am to Noon - Dr. Sherry McAllister - Sponsored by F4CP - Maximizing Momentum through Mobilization

Noon to 1:00 pm - Lunch (Provided)

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Kristi Hudson - Sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA -Crucial Compliant Conversations

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm - Family Fun Night - KCA Basketball Tournament! - Appetizers and Drinks Provided

Sunday March 5, 2023

8:00 am to Noon - Dr. Anish Bajaj - Sponsored by FootLevelers - Redefining Homeostasis with Chiropractic



Kristi Hudson's Profile

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VP of Business Relations


Dr. Anish Bajaj, DC's Profile

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Doctor of Chiropractic

Bajaj Chiropractic



DoubleTree Hotel Kansas City - Overland Park

10100 College Blvd, Overland Park, Kansas 66210, United States
(913) 451-6100


Saturday Morning Programs
Maximizing Momentum through Mobilization
Date/Time: Sat, Mar 04, 2023 - 08:00A to 12:00P (CST)
Speaker(s): Dr. Sherry McAllister
Total Credits: 4 including 4 Category 1 Education


 ▪       This course will offer current, relative information on trending healthcare topics to maximize the value of chiropractic care.

▪       The speaker for this presentation will cover the latest research; the importance of mobility, stability and flexibility; and how chiropractors can mobilize their community. 

Topics of discussion include:

0-10 Minute Review:

a)     Defining momentum

b)     The Law of Motion and how it relates to chiropractic

10-30 Minute Review:

a)     Mobility, stability and flexibility in practice

b)     Physiological overview of mobility, stability and flexibility

30-50 Minute Review:

a)     Mobility and balance as we age

b)     CDC and NIH review on Balance

50-70 Minute Review:

a)     Mobilization in the Community

b)     Burnout and physician shortage

c)     Pain and opioid epidemic

70-80 Minute Review:

a)     Barriers to care

                        i)         Diversity in chiropractic

                       ii)         Cost of care

                      iii)         First line provider

80-100 Minute Review:

a)     Self Care and the current state of chiropractic

b)     Collaborative care and solutions

100-120 Minute Review:

a)     Maximizing Mobilization in your Community 


Saturday Afternoon Programs
Crucial Compliant Conversations
Date/Time: Sat, Mar 04, 2023 - 01:00P to 05:00P (CST)
Speaker(s): Kristi Hudson
Total Credits: 4 including 4 Category 1 Education
Non-compliance in healthcare can have very serious, and sometimes devastating consequences. There has been an increase in auditors and investigators disguising themselves as new patients in chiropractic offices across the country. Every conversation, starting with, “How much does it cost to see the doctor?” is now under scrutiny. It has never been more crucial to know what to say and when to say it when it comes to talking to patients about finances in your office. In this fast-paced and important training session, master communicator, Kristi Hudson will take team members through sticky scenarios that are encountered in practice every day.
Course Objectives:
· Learn and execute techniques for effective financial communications with patients
· Able to master discussions of patient finances in any situation
· Gain a basic understanding of structuring and implementing a compliant financial policy
· Become familiar with conducting a financial report of findings
1: Learn techniques for effective communication
2: Executing communication cues to improve patient communication
3: Identifying how your emotions impact patient communication
4: Understanding the rules and regulations for billing and collecting from the patient
5: Effectively communicating with patients regarding finances
6: Putting it into practice
Family Fun Night - A Slam Dunk!
Date/Time: Sat, Mar 04, 2023 - 05:30P to 07:30P (CST)

Join your colleagues and their families as the KCA hosts for the first time every a family fun basketball tournement. Compete to win prizes while networking and relaxing. Appetizers and drinks provided.

Sunday Morning Programs
Redefining Homeostasis with Chiropractic
Date/Time: Sun, Mar 05, 2023 - 08:00A to 12:00P (CST)
Speaker(s): Dr. Anish Bajaj DC
Total Credits: 4 including 4 Category 1 Education


Understanding patients, their biology and providing them leadership through education and focussed care

Practicing with strength, honor and certainty



    Stabilizing the role of the Chiropractor through a review of science and a look at what’s to come with emerging trends in health

    Breathing, balance and posture
    Progression of proprioception based models Key to survival: behavior modification


    Learn new keys to establishing care of the foot and spine by unraveling brain processes EEG: Isolating essential functions
    Homeostatic set points
    Gravity and other constants


    Understand how the biomechanics extend your reach in healthcare and create more value for patients

    Applying Chiropractic Principles to Imaging: DEXA Analysis Technological progression
    Spine, Cranial & Extremity Adjusting & Exercise


    How to integrate foot scan data & related history into classic report of findings and initial care plan

    Using the right information matters more in the information age Correlate point of contact patterns with stability data

Posture plasticity: achieving 50/50 balance


Learn why patient education mindset to documentation improves compliance and reimbursement

Patient driven documentation Functional diagnostic summary Explain why every step is needed


Clinical review of cases integrating spine and foot care for optimal health and brain


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